PI System

Machines and equipment are getting smarter. They are generating more and more time series data. This data can drive transformational changes in your business and improve corporate wide decision making. But this data is typically locked in disparate, siloed, systems and is generated in multiple formats and standards, making it difficult to collect, combine, and leverage across your organization. Data cannot deliver insights, empower real-time decisions, or lead to action unless it's easy to understand and readily available to the people and systems that can act on it.

Through pervasive connectivity, scalability, and a highly developed asset modeling system that scales across geographical, logical, and organizational boundaries, the PI System™ from OSIsoft removes the barriers (and work) associated with capturing, finding, converting, and organizing operational data. The PI System empowers and liberates operators, analysts, and managers to focus on making confident, real-time, decisions to transform operations through Operational Intelligence that supports Asset Health, Process Efficiency, Resource Management, Quality, and Regulatory/Compliance Reporting.

Managing and Delivering
Sensor-Base Data

The PI Server™ is the real-time data storage and distribution engine that powers the PI System™ and provides a comprehensive real-time and historical view into your operations, enabling you to make timely and impactful decisions. The PI Server:
• receives data from your many disparate sources and consolidates it into a single system.
• transforms raw data into actionable information and makes it accessible to users at all levels of your company.
• proactively monitors your data to deliver real-time alerts when critical events occur.
• stores and secures your data so information is both accessible to your users and protected.
With the PI Server, differences in data types, delivery speeds, formats and sources no longer matter – information is instantly and uniformly available to users and applications whenever and wherever needed.

PI System Tools

Data For Every User

The PI System Tools are data analysis and visualization products from OSIsoft that work to deliver your PI Server™ data to users wherever they are, whenever they need it. Together they make it easy for all your users, around the globe, to access and leverage your data in their day-to-day work. With the PI System Tools your users see data they way they need to see it so they can quickly understand and act on it. The PI System Tools are configurable, off-the-shelf, products that includes: PI ProcessBook™, PI DataLink™, PI Coresight™, PI WebParts™, PI Manual Logger™, PI ActiveView™ and PI BatchView™. From mobile devices to web dashboards to desktops, the PI System Tools take the complexity out of data delivery and analysis, ensuring that your data reaches your users whether in the office or on the go.

PI Vision : Access Everywhere

PI Vision is the leading visualization tool to quickly, easily and securely access all of your PI System™ data. With PI Vision you can analyze data in multiple ways, seeing your data on any device, wherever you are, whenever you need it. With its self-configuring display objects, PI Vision makes it intuitive to instantly start working with your data, leveraging it in new ways, for data-driven decisions and new insights into operations and business.

Process Displays

PI ProcessBook empowers your users to graphically create displays and enrich them with layers of robust, dynamic, data. With PI ProcessBook, you can create interactive displays that show:
• stoplight style plant overview dashboards
• process flow through operational areas
• detailed schematics for key equipment
• and more
With data and intuitive graphics presented seamlessly together, your personnel can perform plant-to-plant comparisons, visually walk the plant floor (without leaving their desk), drill down into core equipment – all by navigating through deck of displays.

Spreadsheet Analysis

PI DataLink integrates your PI Server data with Microsoft® Excel® so you can easily analyze all your operational data using the powerful analytic features of your spreadsheets. With PI DataLink you can:
• automate daily reports using PI Server data
• create dynamic reports for any area of your operations
• instantly summarize years of data and monetize your PI System data to discover the true cost and value of operation decisions
• instantly summarize years of data and monetize your PI System
data to discover the true cost and value of operation decisions
• create the custom reports for regulatory authorities
• review the costs of raw materials compared to production outputs
• and more

Manual Data

Not all data can be automatically collected. PI Manual Logger gives you a simple and easy way to integrate manually collected data alongside your automated operations data. From field inspections to lab values, your data and expert insights are easily collected and seamlessly delivered to the PI Server as frequently or infrequently as you need. PI Manual Logger includes a number of features to make information faster for your operators to collect and easier for your users to understand.

Your data is valuable. In the right hands, at the right time it has the power to revolutionize your business, to help you identify new revenue streams, minimize costs, drive more value from existing assets, and adapt to the market changes. To leverage the full power and potential of your data it needs to be in the hands of your users, your experts. It needs to be easy to access, intuitive to understand, always correct and always up to date. The PI System Tools give you the power and flexibility your need to deliver your data to any user, anywhere, anytime. To learn more about the PI System and the value the PI System Tools can bring to your enterprise please visit www.osisoft.com.

PI System Connections

Gathering and Unifying Data

Data from countless systems, sensors, and devices is needed throughout organizations to feed analytics, provide insights into operations, and empower data driven decision making. But with each system having its own storage protocols, naming conventions, and connectivity standards; collecting, combining, and delivering data where and when it's need is a challenge. The PI System Connections unlock your data by automatically collecting it from your various sources and seamlessly delivering it to the users and systems who need it.


Collecting Information

Collecting Information PI Interfaces and PI Connectors collect data from systems and sensors throughout your enterprise and deliver that data to the PI Server™. Fluent in the unique nuances, protocols, and language of each data source, PI Interfaces and PI Connectors streamline data collection and eliminate information silos throughout your organization. PI Interfaces are the original data collection tool for the PI System™. In continual development for over 30 years, today hundreds of PI Interfaces are available. PI Interfaces support everything from decades old devices to the newest systems/sensors and work on a variety of operating systems so your data – no matter how old or new the data source is – is accessible. As the original connectors for the PI System, PI Interfaces have a tag centric approach to data collection. With PI Interfaces, users individually configure, on a tag by tag basis, what data they want to collect and how often to collect it for each data source.

PI Connectors are the next generation of PI System data collectors. Designed to help customers fully leverage the asset centric capabilities of the PI System, PI Connectors include automation features to simplify and speed up configuration so data collection, installation, and ramp up are faster and easier. PI Connectors even auto create both PI Tags and Asset Framework elements for your data. With PI Connectors, information is easier to gather and your enterprise-wide data models are always up to date and working to improve data accessibility and understanding for your users. Both PI Interfaces and PI Connectors make data easy to collect and universally accessible to your users through the PI Server. The PI Interfaces and PI Connectors seamlessly deliver data at the speed of the data source so information is preserved at its original fidelity. PI Interfaces and PI Connectors also transform data into a cohesive model so information is easy to combine and compare (regardless of where it came from).